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About Us

Send Cargo Limited born September 2013 

Under the directorship of Mr Ajmol Ali

Send Cargo started trading in 2013 and the business grew rapidly (allahamdullilah) every month by roughly 110%. Why?  

  • Send Cargo is the UK's first online booking system with exceptional customer service!
  • Door to door cargo anywhere in Bangladesh
  • Cargo prices are the cheapest in the Market by more than 10% guaranteed!

Checkout these awesome facts:

  • Send cargo was purchased by Ajmol because he saw a gap in the market. An ever increasing need of a trusted, quality and most importantly a cheap cargo courier service from UK to Bangladesh. Ajmols main focus point was to make sure that Send Cargo has the cheapest Bangladesh cargo rate. Why? Because every consumers disposable income is different. So it was important for Ajmol to understand he's market and make sure that he has the cheapest rate and Alhamdulilaah he has captivated he's market place well. Meeting customers needs; focused on low cost delivery but fast the fastest way possible by sea cargo to Bangladesh.
  • 50% customers from Dhaka and growing on a weekly basis - SendCargo is the ideal place to book any cargo to Bangladesh. Door to door service avaialble anywhere in Bangladesh.

Ajmol did not just walk into this position, he has held some high profile jobs, most notably having connection with the entrepreneur and investor James Caan. Ajmol quickly learned that even during a recession, there is still room for growth and for great ideas to shine. He soon realised it was time to step out of the shadows and develope his own unique approach.

  • After the initial investment spent on the development of the exceptional booking system where customers can buy online and get all there packages delivered to Bangladesh within 4 - 7 days, it was time to grow the business! Send Cargo grew quickly because of the company's work ethic, customers come first!

Insights from the owner himself:

"We can guarantee not to be beaten on price and most importantly service, I had a really bad experience with a big cargo company before I started this project and to be honest I don't want anyone to go through what I went through. Now I decided to open my own cargo main dealer company so that i can give my customers the cheapest rate in the UK. But most importantly give the best service possible. That is my aim, that is my goal."

Ajmol Ali

p.s Hope to do business with you soon.