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FREE for customers within 2 mile radios

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We collect your cargo from anywhere in the UK

Send your parcels to us so we can then send it to Bangladesh! We arrange it all so sit back and relax. Upto 30kg per box or luggage, if you have more than 30kg in a box or luggage then take it out! Put it in another box so that it is safe to carry and the our driver can handle the weight on there own.

  • All prices are pickup for every 1 box or luggage of upto 30kg (please submit the quantity for accurate rate above)
  • If you have more than 30kg then make another box or luggage 
  • 1 driver will come so pick-up weight is maximum upto 30kg per box or luggage (the driver can and will handle more per luggage)
  • We will package your cargo more after we receive it so it is safe and secure
  • We welcome all agents from around the country to give us cargo to send for them for the best price - best service!
  • We can come and collect your cargo for FREE in east london near our office (E1 1PY) postcode - radius is 2 miles

If you have any questions about pick-up or your order then please contact us directly on Tel: 02074818181 or book online today

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