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who we are

We love to service our Bangladesh Community

Our dedicated team in the UK and in Bangladesh are looking forward to work for you.

Our team including eone cargo are part of the Biman group of vendors.
We are direct agents who can help you deliver your cargo to Bangladesh
as fast as possible at the best price in the market. Read below to know more about us.

Agent of Biman

We dont do third party - we are direct agents and thats good for problem solving.

Customers Come First

We talk to customers and understand everything before sending any parcel to Bangladesh.

After Delivery

After any delivery - we make sure thats the boxes are secure by giving special after service on Whatsapp

Why Choose Us

We provide Bangladesh cargo services. Here are the reasons about us why people prefer to avail our services.

The first and foremost is the Trust, which is a vital component needed in any kind of business. one of the main reason about us why people generally choose us is the Trust that we maintain by providing reliable, in time and cheap cargo to Bangladesh.

Our aim is to deliver parcel to Bangladesh efficiently. Cost saving solutions to our customers so that every customer is satisfied with the services rendered. That’s the reason why SENDCARGO.co.uk
slogan Your Trusted Logistics Partner.

We believed that with a good understanding and relationship with the shipping lines and airlines, Send Cargo can provide very competitive, attractive and cheap cargo rates and services to our customers for the Export/Import cargo to Bangladesh in costs saving factor in every aspects for Importer/Exporter.

As we evaluate your valued support and assured you our highest level of Bangladesh cargo service at all times that your shipment as our top priority.

The Company SENDCARGO.co.uk
vision is to expand the Business abroad to each sea and Air Port of the world by sharing the common concept through the Agency Cooperation we SEND CARGO.co.uk
is sourcing for enthusiastic strategic efficient agent and associates abroad to enhance the globe’s network in agency cooperation.

We together with our associated partners provide dedicated cheap cargo to Bangladesh and have good relationships with major transporters in regard to space allocation. With our broad knowledge and experience in sea/air/land parcel forwarding, our team guarantees a full range of cargo Bangladesh delivery arrangements. This ensures all parcel to Bangladesh will be timely received and accurately delivered.

There are different means of transport, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Bangladesh Cargo industry is frequently used for high value and low volume cargo’s, as you might previously know. But here are the other (common) reasons for using cargo to Bangladesh.

The quick delivery method

When your goods need to be moved quickly, courier to Bangladesh is the fastest solution compared to any other transmission means.
Highly reliable arrival and leaving timings.

The timely arrival and leaving as well as cheap, cargo to Bangladesh is very reliable, as each delivery tends to be very on top of schedules.
Parcel your load almost anywhere within Bangladesh country

Many Bangladesh cargo services have a big network of destinations that covers almost the entire country. This means that you can send the parcel to almost every destination within the country.
Low insurance premium means big savings

As the transportation time for cargo to Bangladesh is comparatively short, amount to be paid for a contract of insurance is lower this brings about savings in terms of lower insurance costs thus a source of cheap cargo to Bangladesh.
High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage

Shipping offers the advantage of a high level of security, as the safety controls over cargo to Bangladesh are tightly managed.
Cargo to Bangladesh: Home delivery

We offer our customers home delivery service that is robust and effective with local Send Cargo Dhaka office to help with any issues. To know more about us or to get a quote visit our contact us page.